About Us

We believe in helping companies become profitable, making each day productive and stress free by creating a healthy IT system. Running a successful business is exciting, nothing can dampen that excitement more than IT problems, we bring your excitement back.

We have expertise capabilities and industry recognition to take your business further.
We value astounding quality, quick reaction, and commitment to our clients.

Our Services

Business IT Support

Our contract provides IT support wherever and whenever you need it most. Our skilled, experienced technical support team is available on the phone, online or at your premises. Dragon Fish Solutions offers an affordable, all-inclusive system for managed your IT infrastructure and support.

Data and System Security

Dragon Fish Solutions, provides complete data backup and data recovery options to guard your important business information from loss due to hackers, system errors, and more.

VOIP Phones Systems

For more than 10 years VOIP Tools have developed solutions for thousands of customers in more than 85 countries around the world. Our first class technical support and global reach will help you get the most out of your 3CX investment and help grow your expanding business.

Our Partners

We are proud to work with best companies in the world. Some of our partnerships are the result of long-term relationships and we are always looking for new relationships for better together success.

Our Blog

What are the benefits of using VoIP vs. normal phone service for Businesses?

Many business calls are made using VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. Do you know what this technology consists of and what are its advantages compared to conventional telephone calls? VoIP vs. conventional telephony The company telephony does not stop evolving. Now you can make calls about analog, digital and IP voice technology. But the terminology…

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Resorting to the VoIP Phone is an Alternative to Reduce Costs

Although VoIP telephone technology is not recent, in recent years the system has been used by entrepreneurs as a way to reduce telephony costs and qualify processes. If your company seeks cost reduction and gives value to competitive differentials capable of guaranteeing survival in the medium term, you cannot ignore the advantages of the VoIP…

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How Cloud Based Phone Systems is Improving Mobile Workforce?

Collaboration between colleagues and clients has always been fundamental to the profession. Thus, it is not surprising that when companies are the ones that encourage it, they experience an increase in productivity levels. Collaborating then becomes a vital exercise for any organization that seriously seeks to sustain itself successfully over time. How can companies promote…

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